1. Great Fall Homebrew Recipes

    Great Fall Homebrew Recipes

    At the first hint of crispness in the air, we all know that summer has come to an end and fall has arrived. May it be Oktoberfest, football season or for us homebrewers, hop harvest season, fall is associated with beer and it’s no surprise that fall beers are some of the most popular today. Here are some great beers to brew this fall. 

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  2. Amber Lager Recipe

    Kenny Lager is Vienna style with two types of Vienna malt for depth, and a delicate aroma of flowers and spices from Saaz hops. Put on your hood and warm up with an easy drinking, malt forward amber lager.

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  3. Handbasket To Munich Helles Recipe

    Munich Helles is the most prominent style brewed in Bavaria and enjoyed year round. Soft malt notes with delicate aromas of spice and flowers from imported German hops. Put on your drinking hats and grab a basket, we're going to Helles.


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  4. I Pee Ale Recipe

    Classic Northwest hops and a Cascade dry hop makes this strong IPA a favorite for all the hop heads out there. Gentle malt sweetness balances an intense bitterness with notes of citrus fruit, herbs, and a resinous mouthfeel. I Pee Ale, you pee ale, everybody pee's ale!


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  5. A Homebrewer’s Guide to Growing your Own Hops

    A Homebrewer’s Guide to Growing your Own Hops

    Growing your own food, whether it’s for environment or organic purposes, is becoming more and more popular. Homebrewers are taking that one step further and growing their own ingredients for beer recipes. Eugene’s Agrarian Ales has surely set the tone for “farm to glass” style of beer, using estate-grown hops and other ingredients grown on site to brew their tasty beers.  Us homebrewers are the DIY type, so why not grow our own hops? It’s fun and easier than you might think! Especially in the fertile climate of the Willamette valley.  Here’s the latest Synergy Brewing Systems blog, how to grow your own hops.


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  6. High Quality Brew Through Better Fermentation

    High Quality Brew Through Better Fermentation

    There are many different ways to build your own fermentation room/chamber. Some are more complicated in design with multiple chambers kept at differing temperatures and others are simpler with only one temperature controlled fermentation chamber. Really what you need to figure out is a design that works with your space and budget. At the very least, you’ll need an insulated box, a method to cool said box, and temperature gauges to regulate/maintain your temps and voila! You’ve got yourself a fermentation chamber.


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  7. Are You 21? Yes or No…

    Are You 21? Yes or No…

    So I won’t lie to you, most breweries when you click, “No,” simply say, “Sorry,” or redirect you to google.com, but there are a few breweries out there who’ve taken this easily circumvent-able security and added a little humor to our lives, an easter egg for my gamers out there. With no further ado, here are 10 of the funniest “Under 21 redirects” I’ve found around the net.


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  8. The Kegerator: To Buy or DIY?

    The Kegerator: To Buy or DIY?

    Is there anything better than sharing a freshly home brewed craft beer with your friends and family? Any real brewer will tell you straight to your face that their favorite beer is the one they’re sharing with their friends. Us home brewers aren’t in it for ourselves, we’re here to share our beer and have a good time! One of the best feelings for a home brewer is watching that frothy brew pour out smooth and cool into a pint glass from your very own kegerator. So, where do we begin when thinking about upgrading our home with a kegerator?


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  9. 10 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know about Beer

    10 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know about Beer

    Beer is one of the world’s oldest prepared beverages, and because of this has quite a lengthy history. Some estimates have the first brewed beer dating all the way back to the early Neolithic age in 9,000 BC. With such a long history, we thought you’d like to hear some fun and interesting beer facts. So here it is, 10 facts you probably didn't know about beer.

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  10. We Got Us A First Timer!

    We Got Us A First Timer!

    With the all-inclusive home brewing systems and kits you can purchase these days, many of us have gotten the itch to brew our own batches. What many people don’t realize is how complicated the process really is. Many professional home brewing kits and recipe starters make the process seem easy, but in fact it takes a lot of practice. You are going to make mistakes along the way, but not to worry; trial and error is the best way to learn to brew! Nothing hammers this point home like 40 bottles of sour, undrinkable beer!

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