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Uni-fermenter Use, Care, Assembly, and Safety Information

Congratulations on your purchase of our Uni-Fermenter. By following these simple steps, your fermenter will be ready to serve tasty, fermented beverages for years to come. Along with the fermenter you will find a 5/8-inch silicon blow-off tube with a stainless hose clamp that is to be used during fermentation blow off. Whether you ferment beer,cider,wine or fermented foods our Uni-fermenter will save you time and money.

*Never let anyone operate or clean the Uni-Fermenter who has not read and fully understood these operating and safety procedures. Keep out of reach of children and un-supervised adults at all times!

Prior to filling and using your Uni-Fermenter, be sure to clean and sanitize it to remove dirt and oils that come from the manufacturing process. Once pressure has been released from the fermenter by opening the pressure relief valve, remove the carbon dioxide connector body (carbon dioxide connector body has vertical reliefs cut around the 7/8-inch nut) and remove the poppet prior to fermentation. Sanitize and re-install the connector body and gas tube( short tube with o-ring) with out the poppet as this will allow carbon dioxide to be vented during fermentation. Once the fermenter is filled and the yeast is pitched, install the 4-inch cap assembly, tighten the clamp and all connector body fittings.

Make sure pressure relief valve is in closed position. Next take the sanitized 5/8-inch silicon hose and slide the stainless gear clamp onto the tubing. Slip the clamp over the carbon dioxide connector body and tighten the gear clamp over the connector body. Once tubing is installed, place the end of the tubing into a bucket of water. This serves as an air lock and will also catch any fermentation blow off that may be pushed out during fermentation.

Once fermentation has commenced and the beer is ready to be transferred, you will need to remove the blow off hose assembly and sanitize and reinstall the carbon dioxide connector body with the poppet and re-tighten.

Prior to pressurization, be sure to set your regulator on your carbon dioxide tank to 5-15 PSI depending on the carbonation level of the beverage being transferred. The higher the carbonation level of the beverage being transferred, the lower the pressure regulator should be set.

In order to transfer your beer from the Uni-Fermenter into another Uni-Fermenter or keg, you will need to have a standard ball-lock liquid-out fitting which will attach to the liquid-out connector body on the Uni-Fermenter. You will also need a length of 1/4-inch beverage transfer tubing connected between the the two liquid out fittings. For bottling, you will need to attach a beer gun or similar on/off device to control flow into bottles. Always fill kegs from the liquid out fitting on the Uni-Fermenter or keg as this fills the keg from the bottom up, which  helps with foaming. The keg that is being filled must have the pressure relief valve open or have the lid open so that it can vent the incoming pressure and continue to fill properly.

Safety Precautions

Listed below are some general safety precautions that should be read and fully understood prior to using the unit. Failure to do so can result in injury or death.

  1. Never open a valve or tri clamp fitting without releasing the pressure! This is done by pulling up on the safety pressure release valve and venting all pressure before attempting to remove any lid, fitting or opening a valve. Working with pressure is very dangerous and must be taken very seriously. Opening a pressurized vessel will cause a lid, valve or fitting to be launched with enough force to kill or injure.
  2. Always use a carbon dioxide tank equipped with a safety regulator.
  3. Always use the lowest pressure possible to transfer your beverage. We recommend using 5-10 PSI.
  4. Always rinse the fermenter and parts that have come in contact with acid based sanitizers with clean water to avoid pitting of the stainless.
  5. Use caution when moving the fermenters as they are very top heavy and should be stored in a secure location.
  6. Never let anyone operate or clean the Uni-Fermenter who has not read and fully understood these operating and safety procedures. Keep out of reach of children and un supervised adults at all times!
  7. If you have any questions regarding this product, please contact us via email or by phone and we will be more than happy to trouble shoot and guide you along.

Think safety and enjoy your new fermenter.  Cheers!