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The Benefits Of Small Batch Brewing

The Benefits of Small Batch Brewing

At Synergy Brewing Systems, our homebrew systems are the best available. Our 15 gallon pilot brewing systems are great for intermediate to advanced homebrewers, but not every run needs to capitalize on the full capabilities of these systems. In fact, there are quite a few benefits to doing small batch runs every once in a while.

Most homebrewers consider a small batch run to be between 1 to 3 gallons as the homebrewing average run is 5 gallons. By comparison, 5 gallons would be considered a small batch by Synergy standards. Regardless of whether you consider 1 gallon or 5 to be small scale, the benefits of making a small batch run still hold true.

Perfect for Experimentation

The best argument for a small batch run is that it gives you the opportunity to experiment with limited risk. Every homebrewer has experienced the agony of losing a batch of beer and needing to dump it straight down the drain. It hurts, but it comes with the territory.

With a small batch, you have less potential downside of a batch going awry because you have less invested in it, therefore, making experimentation more palatable. Small batches are the best way to tinker with a recipe until it is perfected and ready to be made in larger quantities. That’s why many different breweries use our Pro Pilot Systems before scaling up to their production level batches. You can do the same thing (albeit on a smaller scope).

Less Expensive

Homebrewing can quickly become an expensive hobby (especially when producing 15 gallons of beer with each run). It is a frugal move to occasionally brew a small batch. Yes, economies of scale take effect with the more supplies you buy, but with small runs, you don’t need as much material. This means you spend less or are making your supplies last through the production of more batches.

Gain Experience at a Quicker Rate

Smaller runs can be completed in less time than normal ones. Obviously, a 5 gallon batch does not take one third the time of a 15 gallon batch, but you will have less time to wait for 5 gallons to boil, to chill and to bottle when everything is said and done.

Small batches offer the ability to gain experience at a slightly quicker rate. You can choose to brew the same batch multiple times, slightly tweaking the recipe with each go, or you can opt to brew completely different beers with each small batch run. Either way, you are getting lots of invaluable practice.

Test Your Homebrewing Chops

If you are a homebrew beginner or even a complete newcomer, buying a small batch brewing kit may be the best way to get started. This way, you can gain crucial experience and knowledge while keeping things at a manageable level. Once you feel more comfortable and want to make the jump to a Pro Pilot System, you will know that you have the confidence and base knowledge necessary to make use of a top of the line system.