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Our Home Brewing Equipment

The home brewing equipment you use can have a very big impact on the final quality of your homebrews. By placing a high emphasis on sanitary, functional home brewing equipment that is ready for a lifetime of use, Synergy Brewing Systems has created the best home brewing equipment available to homebrewers today. Whether you’re looking for an upgrade to your glass carboys you use for fermentation or a brew stand that has all the amenities you need, Synergy has you covered.


As homebrewers, we were dissatisfied with our choices for fermenters. Glass and plastic carboys can be unwieldly, let light in, and can break. We thought we could do better, so we designed a fermenter our of a stainless steel keg that replicates the features of commercial fermenters.

Our versatile 15.5 gallon Uni-Fermenter is one of the best fermenters available for fermenting beer. Whether you ferment, beer, cider, mead or wine our Uni-Fermenter allows you to transfer your product with CO2 pressure just like how a commercial brewery would transfer beer. This means no more lifting, pouring or siphoning your beer. Using CO2 pressure to transfer your product is far superior to pumping or siphoning as these processes introduce oxygen to the product which causes oxidization, off-flavors, contamination and product instability.

The Uni-fermenters also work great for conditioning, carbonating, bottling, and serving.

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Boil Braid Hop Strainer

Our stainless steel boil braid hop strainer is the ultimate choice for homebrewing!  When stretched out, the boil braid hop strainer measures 24″ in length and has 1/2″ male pipe threads on both ends making removal and cleaning very easy.

The strainer is completely constructed out of braided stainless steel and is TIG welded together to the male fittings at both ends. This sets it apart from other screen type strainers that simply use gear clamps to secure the screen to the fittings. The boil braid strainer works by threading and installing into the inside of your boil kettle or mash tun via a dual sided 1/2″ female coupler.

The strainer works great with whole hops and with pellets.

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False Bottoms

Our high efficiency false bottoms for our 15 and 26 gallon kettles are made out of laser cut 14 gauge 304 Stainless steel. Each false bottom features a stainless steel handle for inserting and removing from the kettle. They also have a separate stainless steel supporting ring that is easily removable for cleaning. Our false bottoms are laser slotted making them a lot easier to clean than perforated stainless which also have a bad habit of cutting your fingers. Our false bottoms are identical to those used in commercial brewing systems.

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Stainless Drip Proof Housing for Pump

Our Type 304 Brushed Finish Stainless Steel Drip Proof Pump Housing is designed for use with a march or chugger Pump. The pump housing is designed to perfectly contour to the pump head which protects the pump from spills. To prevent the pump from overheating, the housing is fully vented at the rear of the unit.

Maple Mash Paddle

Our mash paddles are custom built for us by local master wood worker Tony Walters of Numana Wood Works. The mash paddles are hand built out of FSC Certified Maple and are designed to hold up to lifetime of mashing, smashing, and stirring.

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