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Links & ResourcesA comprehensive list of hop profiles & beer style guidlines can be found here: footage of our 26 gallon Pro Pilot System in action! Sky Brewery is our local homebrew shop. They are located at 30 E 13th Ave. Eugene, OR 97401. Call them at (541) 484-3322 or look them up online at They have a great and knowlegable staff, tons of books, resources, ingredients and equipment.Hop Valley Brewing Company is located in Springfield & now a second location in Eugene. They can be found online at www.hopvalleybrewing.comOakshire Brewing Company is located in Eugene, Oregon. They are a staple in the Northwest brewing scene and make great beer.  They can be found online at: www.oakbrew.comThe Steelhead Brewery and Restaraunt is located in Downtown Eugene, Oregon. They have great food and beer. They can be found online at: www.steelheadbrewery.comHere is a magazine article about The Kings (County) of Brooklyn: Kings County Brewers Collective with one of our systems! is a blog post from Brewheads that features our system! Homebrew Association, dedicated to promoting the community of homebrewers and all things fermented at home, including an extensive forum.