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3 Great All-Grain Holiday Homebrew Recipes

Now that Halloween has come and gone, the holiday season has officially arrived. While most people are getting ready to play their favorite holiday tunes and redecorate their homes for the season, homebrewers are excited about one thing in particular:…


Introduction to Our Recipe Section

Introduction and Explanation of Recipe Section   Welcome to the beginning of any great brew day: the recipe! Recipe formulation can be daunting at first so we’ve assembled a collection of some of our favorites to try out or adapt.…

Homebrew Technique: Making A Yeast Starter

Homebrew Technique: Making a Yeast Starter

Synergy’s Pro-Pilot Brewing Systems can accommodate brewing batches that are larger than the average homebrew size of 5 gallons. When brewing larger batches, more yeast is required to achieve full fermentation. If you use dry yeast, you can simply make…

Tips For Brewing Lagers

Tips for Brewing Lagers

Many new homebrewers start out by making ales as they are currently very fashionable and relatively straightforward to make. Brewing a lager presents a nice challenge for the beginner to intermediate level homebrewer and offers the opportunity to further refine…


The Benefits of Small Batch Brewing

At Synergy Brewing Systems, our homebrew systems are the best available. Our 15 gallon pilot brewing systems are great for intermediate to advanced homebrewers, but not every run needs to capitalize on the full capabilities of these systems. In fact,…

4 Sustainable Uses For Brewer's Spent Grain

4 Sustainable Uses for Brewer’s Spent Grain

At Synergy Brewing Systems, we love homemade, hand-crafted homebrews, but one of the main issues facing homebrewers is what to do with all the spent material left over from a run. Understanding the importance of sustainability and the value that…