1. Homebrew Technique: Making a Yeast Starter

    Homebrew Technique: Making a Yeast Starter

    Synergy’s Pro-Pilot 15 gallon and 26 gallon Brewing Systems can accommodate brewing batches that are larger than the average homebrew size of 5 gallons. When brewing larger batches, more yeast is required to achieve full fermentation. If you use dry yeast, you can simply make enough to accommodate your large batch. But if you use liquid yeast, a yeast starter is probably needed as it will accelerate the fermentation process ensuring that you don’t end up with a stuck fermentation. Knowing how to make a yeast starter is a good skill to have as they can help make your beers taste better and allow fermentation to occur quicker and at cooler temperatures than suggested by your yeast’s manufacturer. 

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  2. Tips for Brewing Lagers

    Tips for Brewing Lagers

    Many new homebrewers start out by making ales as they are currently very fashionable and relatively straightforward to make. Brewing a lager presents a nice challenge for the beginner to intermediate level homebrewer and offers the opportunity to further refine and hone your homebrewing skills. Here are some helpful tips for those looking to brew lagers for the first time or those looking to improve upon their lager homebrew process.

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  3. The Benefits of Small Batch Brewing

    The Benefits of Small Batch Brewing

    At Synergy Brewing Systems, our Pro Pilot Brewing Systems are the best available. Our 15 gallon and 26 gallon systems are great for intermediate to advanced homebrewers, but not every run needs to capitalize on the full capabilities of these systems. In fact, there are quite a few benefits to doing small batch runs every once in a while.   

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  4. 4 Sustainable Uses for Brewer's Spent Grain

    4 Sustainable Uses for Brewer's Spent Grain

    At Synergy Brewing Systems, we love homemade, hand-crafted homebrews, but one of the main issues facing homebrewers is what to do with all the spent material left over from a run. Understanding the importance of sustainability and the value that spent grain still has after use in homebrewing, we compiled this list of better ways to use your grain than just simply throwing it out.   

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  5. 4 Things to Remember for Your Next Homebrew

    4 Things to Remember for Your Next Homebrew

    What makes a great homebrew? A lot of it has to do with attention to detail. Although there may not be one “right” way to brew, here are some crucial aspects of the brewing process to keep in mind for your next homebrew.

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  6. The Rise of Homebrewing

    The Rise of Homebrewing

    Whether it’s a hobby, an obsession or a way of life, homebrewing is important to a large group of people and its popularity has only increased with time. The reason why homebrewing is so satisfying is arguably because making something by hand and seeing others enjoy the fruits of your labor is of one the best feelings in the world. And if it turns out good, it’s that much better! For those as curious as us, here’s more about the rise of homebrewing.

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  7. Why Fall and Beer Go So Well Together

    Why Fall and Beer Go So Well Together

    At the first hint of crispness in the air, we all know that summer has come to an end and fall has arrived. May it be Oktoberfest, football season or for us homebrewers, hop harvest season, fall is associated with beer and it’s no surprise that fall beers are some of the most popular today. Here are some reasons why we feel fall and beer go so well together.

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  8. Make Sure Your Fermentations Beat The Heat!

    Make Sure Your Fermentations Beat The Heat!

    Now that summer is finally here it's the perfect time to brew up a Saison and to experiment around with some of the warmer temperature preferring yeast strains. One of my favorite summertime yeast strains is the French Saison Yeast strain. This is a very versatile yeast strain that can handle the summer heat. In fact it loves it!

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  9. ‘Merica’s Pastime Pale Ale Recipe

    Here we have a contender for 'Merica's Pastime, it doesn't involve bases but it does involve beer! American Pale is the classic craft brew of the US, showcasing hop aromatics and flavor with a balanced bitterness to go with any food and all activities. Grab a pale and be proud to be 'Merican.


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  10. How to Brew Beer Using the Synergy Pro Pilot Brewing System

    How to Brew Beer Using the Synergy Pro Pilot Brewing System

    Here is a link to a quick video that goes through the brewing process on one of our Pro Pilot Brewing systems.


    Please check out our Resources page for more videos, information, pics and frequently asked questions.



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