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Amber Lager Recipe

Kenny Lager is Vienna style with two types of Vienna malt for depth, and a delicate aroma of flowers and spices from Saaz hops. Put on your hood and warm up with an easy drinking, malt forward amber lager.

Boil Time: 90 Min
Original Gravity: 1.051
Final Gravity: 1.013
Alc/Vol: 5%
SRM: 10
IBU: 21


Grain Bill (lbs) 10 Gal Batch

Grain Bill (lbs) 20 Gal Batch

9 lbs Pilsner Malt 18 lbs Pilsner Malt
4 lbs Vienna Malt (German) 4L 8 lbs Vienna Malt (German) 4L
4 lbs Vienna Malt 4L 8 lbs Vienna Malt 4L
1.5 lbs Caramunich III 75L 3 lbs Caramunich III 75L

Hop Schedule

Hop Variety AA%

 Amount 10 Gal

 Amount 20 Gal  

 Boil Time

German Hallertau (pellet) 4% 1.75oz 3.5oz 75
Saaz 3.5% 1.25oz 2oz 20
Saaz 3.5% .75oz 1oz 5

Yeast Suggestions

Wyeast Strain

Fermentation Temp

Alternate Strain

Fermentation Temp

2308 Munich Lager 52 Deg F 2633 Oktoberfest Blend 55 Deg F

Mash Schedule & Notes

First Rest

Second Rest

Mash Out

122 Deg F 152 Deg F 172 Deg F