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Don’t Call Me Red Recipe

American Red ales typically have the hop flavor and aroma of an American Pale, with the malt balance of an English Bitter. Don’t Call Me Red has the pungent aroma of Simcoe hops and a balanced caramel sweetness to complement the fruity hop flavor and crisp, dry finish.


Boil Time: 90 Min

Original Gravity: 1.055

Final Gravity: 1.011

Alc/Vol: 5.8%

SRM: 14.8

IBU: 29.5


Grain Bill (lbs) 10 Gal Batch

Grain Bill (lbs) 20 Gal Batch

17.5 lbs Pale Malt 35 lbs Pale Malt
.5 lbs Caramel 20 1 lbs Caramel 20
1 lbs Munich Malt 2 lbs Munich Malt
.5 lbs Carapils Malt 1 lbs Carapils Malt
.4 lbs Roasted Barley .8 lbs Roasted Barley

Hop Schedule

Hop Variety AA%

  Amount 10 Gal

Amount 20 Gal

Boil Time

Centennial 10.5% 1oz 2oz 90 min
Simcoe 13% 1oz 2oz 10 min
Simcoe 13% 1oz 2oz 0 min


Yeast Suggestions

Wyeast Strain

Fermentation Temp

Alternate Strain

Fermentation Temp

1056 American Ale 65 Deg F 1084 Irish Ale 65 Deg F

Mash Schedule & Notes

Saccharification Temp

Mash Out Temp

153 Deg F 170 Deg F