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Uni Fermenter 15 Gallon with Legs and Accessories

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Our versatile 15.5 gallon Uni-Fermenter is one of the best fermenters available for fermenting beer. Whether you ferment, beer, cider, mead or wine our Uni-Fermenter allows you to transfer your product with co2 pressure just like how a commercial brewery would transfer beer. This means no more lifting, pouring or siphoning your beer. Simply hook up your co2 tank disconnect to the Uni-Fermenter and connect a transfer tube between the liquid out fitting of the Uni-Fermenter to the liquid out fitting of your keg or other fermenter to be filled. Then set the pressure to 5-15 PSI on your co2 regulator and open up the vent or pressure relief valve on the keg, fermenter or vessel being filled and watch the beer flow! Using co2 pressure to tranfer your product is far superior to pumping or siphoning as both of these processes introduce oxygen to the product which causes oxidization, off-flavors, contamination and product instability. This variant includes legs, casters, 1.5″ bottom port, 90 elbow & valve.

The Uni-fermenters also work great for conditioning, carbonating, bottling, and serving. They also make great yeast propagation brinks for breweries. Our Uni-Fermenters are constructed out of a brand new German 15.5 Gallon Stainless steel keg. All fittings have been professionally TIG welded and re finished. The Uni-Fermenter features a 6″ High pressure sanitary clamp fitting on the top of the keg, to access the interior of the keg. The removable 6″ tri clamp plate contains both liquid and CO2 cornelius soda keg disconnects, thermowell as well as a safety pressure relief valve. The soda keg liquid out fitting has a dip tube that is a 1/2″ off of the bottom of the fermenter and can be used to rack out the beer under CO2 pressure for kegging, as well as for serving.

During fermentation, CO2 blow off is accomplished by removing the C02 connector body fitting, and removing the poppet seal from the connector body. Next the connector body is sanitized and re-installed without the poppet valve. Then a supplied FDA silicone 5/8″ hose is attached to the female fitting and is ran down into a bucket of water to serve as an airlock and to catch any beer blow off. Once fermentation has stopped the blow off tube is removed, along with the C02 connector body fitting. The poppet valve and connector body are then sanitized and re-installed prior to pressurizing with CO2 for conditioning, serving, or racking.The overall height of the Uni-fermenter is 25″ which allows it to fit in most deep freezers and fridges with no modifications.
Always be sure to relieve the pressure in the fermenter before attempting to open the lid. Remember that pressure is a sleeping giant and should be treated with the utmost caution and care. Always keep the Uni Fermenter and all other equipment away from children and un-supervised adults!

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