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I Pee Ale Recipe

Classic Northwest hops and a Cascade dry hop makes this strong IPA a favorite for all the hop heads out there. Gentle malt sweetness balances an intense bitterness with notes of citrus fruit, herbs, and a resinous mouthfeel. I Pee Ale, you pee ale, everybody pee’s ale!



Boil Time: 90 Min

Original Gravity: 1.072

Final Gravity: 1.010

Alc/Vol: 8.1%

SRM: 7.1

IBU: 87



Grain Bill (lbs) 10 Gal Batch

Grain Bill (lbs) 20 Gal Batch

22 lbs Gambrinus Pale 44 lbs Gambrinus Pale
1 lbs Briess Caramel 20 2 lbs Briess Caramel 20
2 lbs Munich Malt 4 lbs Munich Malt
.5 lbs Vienna Malt 1 lbs Vienna Malt


Hop Schedule

Hop Variety AA%

Amount 10 Gal

Amount 20 Gal

Boil Time

Nugget 14% 2oz 4oz 90 min
Centennial 8.7% 2oz 4oz 30 min
Nugget 14% 1oz 2oz 10 min
Centennial 8.7% 1oz 2oz 5 min
Cascade 5.75% 1oz 2oz 5 min
Cascade 5.75% 2oz 4oz 0 min
Cascade 5.75% 3oz 6oz Dry Hop


Yeast Suggestions

Wyeast Strain

Fermentation Temp

Alternate Strain

Fermentation Temp

1056 American Ale 68 Deg F 1272 American Ale II 65 Deg F


Mash Schedule

Saccharification Temp

Mash Out Temp

155 Deg F 172 Deg F