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Are You 21? Yes or No…

So I won’t lie to you, most breweries when you click, “No,” simply say, “Sorry,” or redirect you to, but there are a few breweries out there who’ve taken this easily circumvent-able security and added a little humor to our lives, an easter egg for my gamers out there. With no further ado, here are 10 of the funniest “Under 21 redirects” I’ve found around the net.


10. Ninkasi Brewing

A Eugene Oregon staple known for their strong IPA’s and stronger ABV’s, feels that if you aren’t yet 21 perhaps you’d be interested in getting your Brony on! If you don’t know about Bronies, you might just want to google that term after checking out this great redirect.


9. Drekker Brewing

Out of Fargo, North Dakota, has one of my favorite redirects don’tcha know. If you like high pitched lyrics and shirtless heroes, then click no and let the hilarity ensue.


8. Device Brewing Co.

Out of Sacramento, California isn’t pulling any punches. As far as Device Brewing Co. is concerned, if you aren’t smart enough to circumvent their age restriction test, odds are you haven’t developed the necessary brain functions for something as simple as potty training.


7. Down East Cider

Of Charleston, MA. knows that their age restriction test is a joke, even saying on their site, “Are you 21+ OR capable of lying on the internet?” Give this one a quick no for a blast from the Adam Sandler past.


6. Deep Ellum Brewing

With their brewery locations in St. Louis and Dallas, TX. has nothing but love for their fans, but if you’re not old enough to drink, it’s probably because you’re a, “Baby, baby, baby, OOOH!”

5. Crooked Fence Brewing

Coming off the top ropes with one of my favorite brewery names. Crooked Fence Brewing out of Garden City, ID. has one of the lesser interactive redirects, but funny all the same. Click no, and let your childhood imagination run wild!


4. Cortland Beer Co.

Would you like to play a game? Cortland Beer has a recommendation for all those non 21’ers out there. Perhaps a nice game of Monopoly to pass the time until you’re 21? I know, I was looking for Global Thermonuclear War, but all I found was tic-tac-toe and chess!


We’ve made it to the final 3! These 3 breweries have taken the, “Under 21 redirect,” game to a whole new level. Of course this is only my opinion, but I feel pretty confident you’ll agree!


3. Bauhaus Brew Labs

Out of Minneapolis MN. has taken the moniker of mad scientist’s to a whole new level. Not only do they brew mind bending microbrews and craft beers in their laboratory, but have resurrected one of my childhood’s fondest memories. Click “No” and let it roll.


2. Elysian Brewing Co.

Do you like beer? Are you a cat person? Are you under 21? If any or all of those were a yes, then go to Elysian Brewing’s website (out of Seattle, WA.) and make sure you enter a birthdate somewhere in the 2000’s. I’m a dog person and even I think this is adorable!


1. 3 Floyds Brewing Co. 

We made it! We’ve finally reached #1, my favorite of all the, “Under 21 Redirects!” I don’t want to give anything away on this one. I could use any number of adjectives to describe this redirect, but I truly feel that this brewery out of Munster, IN. has figured out the “Under 21 Redirect” game. So with no further adieu, I present to you 3 Floyds hilarious “Under 21” redirect:


We here at Synergy Brewing Systems, truly enjoy bringing you fun content like this, and would love to hear from you! If you come across any other great, “Under 21 Redirects” shoot them our way! Check back next month as we break down the ins and outs of creating your very own fermentation room.



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