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Here is an ever-growing list of links to various websites, blogs and magazines that have done reviews and write-ups about us. Click on the links below to view the articles:

First I want to think you for a killer setup with the new brew system. We have finally got our beer on the market and we use this system to make our product! Thanks -Salty Nut Brewery, LLC


Thanks for this great info. I brewed my first batch using my new system on Sunday and it worked like a charm. A really great experience.I’ve got a basic blonde ale I’m making for a friend’s summer wedding fermenting up a storm now and there’s lots of blow off activity coming through the tube, which is always reassuring. Thanks again for all your help!

Josh M.

This is me (on a step stool) stirring the mash on my 26 gallon system. I’ve had it for a little over a year now and absolutely love it! And, within the next six months, it will be wheeled into our new nano brewery we are opening up to be used as a pilot system. Please keep up the good work and impeccable customer service!

Matt Stewart

The Pacific Brewing & Malting Co. pilot brewing system is a ½ BBL system from Synergy Metalworking in Eugene, OR. We are currently running test batches to perfect our recipes before scaling up to the 7 BBL brew house when the brewery opens later this year. In the last couple of weeks we have brewed three batches. We started with our flagship lager, called Pacific Beer, an all-malt pre-prohibition style American Premium Lager. We have also brewed a Robust Porter and an IPA that brings an aggressive 88 IBU and 6.7% ABV. We will work this little system hard as we tweak our recipes over the next couple of months.

Pacific Brewing

Just wanted to follow up with you guys. We purchased the system last summer and have been brewing some great beers ever since. Our efficiency has improved immensely. The setup has been reliable and predictable since day one! Thanks for providing such a quality product! We really look forward to brewing together each month. We have started a “Guest Brewer” Program where friends, and even a professional brewer, have joined us for breakfast and beers. Everyone has been really impressed with the quality and design of the system. Thanks again! Cheers,

Michael Freehill