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* Stand pictured with additional options. Pump,housing,water filter and heat exchanger sold separately*

Our custom home brew stands are the best all grain beer brewing stands on the market. They feature a variety of options, so you can design the perfect home brew stand for your individual needs and budget. Simply choose your kettle capacity along with any other options or upgrades you would like, and our shopping cart will generate an order quote based on your selections.

The base model features a single tier brew stand that can be upgraded to a 2 tier configuration. This adds a second removable level to the stand which raises the height of the hot water tank and allows the brewer to use gravity to feed water into the mash tun. Shipping and handling quotes will be determined when the user enters their shipping information at checkout. Please scroll down to the bottom of this page to view these functions as well as pricing and options.* Does not include kettles.

Our brew stands are designed to accommodate converted kegs as well as our 15, 26, and 40 gallon kettles. The 15 gallon model will accomodate kettle diameters between 15.5"-18". The 26 gallon model accomodates kettle diameters between 18"-21". The 40 gallon model accomodates kettle diameters between 21.5"-24"  If you are unsure if your kettles will fit please send us an email with your kettle type and dimensions and we will verify correct fitment. All of our brewing stands are fully constructed of 1" square Type 304 180 grit polished Stainless Steel tubing, TIG welded to perfection. Our 40 Gallon home brewing stand is constructed out of 1.5" Type 304 Stainless Steel square tubing. The stands all come complete with removable, swiveling, lockable casters, two 100,000 BTU propane burners with separate high pressure needle valves, plumbed into one adjustable 40 PSI high pressure regulator. The top tier of the 2 Tier model stand is removable for transportation and storage and uses a flexible gas line so that the top tier can be removed and used on the ground or stored without having to disconnect the gas line.

All brew stands are individually serial numbered and are warrantied against defects. Please email us if you have any questions.

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