New Standard Upgrades

All Synergy brewing systems now come standard with one-inch sanitary fittings and valves. We have also upgraded a few other things on the systems as well. Read this article to find out more info.

All Synergy Brewing Systems come standard with one-inch sanitary fittings that are TIG welded directly to the kettles for all ports. This allows the user to remove all ball-valves and thermometers for cleaning with a twist of a clamp, exactly like a proffesional brewery uses. Our custom stainless steel, three-piece sanitary ball valves are completely threadless and feature a conveniant 3/4-inch hose barb on the outlet side of the valve, allowing you to remove and connect the silicon tubing by sliding it over the barb without having to remove a clamp. Our heat exchangers also feature the same 3/4-inch hose barbs welded directly to the chiller with no internal threads to clean or remove.


Our thermometers are also fitted with one-inch sanitary fittings allowing them to be removed for cleaning with one clamp. We are also mounting all pumps, chillers, water filters and burner controls directly to the stands via TIG welded, laser-cut stainless brackets eliminating places for spilled wort to hide. We are no longer using a lower plastic shelf, making our brewing systems 100% stainless steel.