Brandywine Article Sept. 2012

Signature Brandywine Magazine spotlights the finer things about life in the Brandywine Valley. Here's what they had to say about our brewing systems.

Article Text:

“Synergy Brewing Systems of Eugene, Ore.

( offers a stainless-steel rack and 15-gallon components from a base price of $1,995. When configured with all of the available options (bringing the price to $3,500 or so, and raising capacity to as much as 40 gallons), this is a very full-featured rig, lacking only computerization to put it on par with the Brew Magic system. All joints of the Synergy system are TIG welded and refinished, and all ports use threadless Tri-Clamps with silicone O-rings, as found in commercial breweries. For maximum purity and longevity, no rubber or plastic are used anywhere. This is a brewing system built to last you the rest of your life.” –Brandywine September 2012 issue.