Introduction and Explanation of Recipe Section


Welcome to the beginning of any great brew day: the recipe! Recipe formulation can be daunting at first so we’ve assembled a collection of some of our favorites to try out or adapt. For many, creating and tasting recipes is one of the more rewarding experiences from homebrewing, like mixing the spices for your own curry instead of buying the premade mix. For others, it’s the process and following a recipe can keep ingredient purchases easy and the brew day relaxing. Let’s not forget those free-wheeling brewers who throw recipes to the wind and are guided by their senses and what is available creating the ‘recipe’ on the fly while getting ingredients and during the brew day. One thing they can all agree upon is that the enjoyment of the final product, whether by design, circumstance, or plain good luck, is rewarding. Soon enough, we will convert others to the Synergy Brew-side: where the best beer is the beer you brew.


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