1. Nobody Ordinary Bitter Recipe

    "Who says 'come on in and have a beer', Nobody "... Bitter that is. Ordinary Bitter is anything but bitter: a malt/hop balanced, low alcohol but flavorful session style featuring Enlgish ingredients. This standard British pub ale is meant for quaffing with friends throughout the afternoon and evening.


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  2. How to Develop a Clone Recipe

    How to Develop a Clone Recipe

    Ever wonder how to develop a clone recipe?

    After a few goes at the local homebrew shop’s recipe bank, most of us start building our own recipes. And because we’re homebrewers it’s natural to want to recreate another brewery’s beer, both as homage and to avoid paying retail. Sometimes it’s easy to find a clone recipe, and other times the brewer’s lips are sealed. That reaction is a bit strange, as it’s highly unlikely that your rendition of a brewery’s beer will taste exactly like the original.


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