1. Better Off Irish Red Recipe

    A classic Irish Red that will ward off gingervitis and protect you from the lava pits. A balanced ruby ale that finishes crisp with a touch of malt sweetness. An optional knockout addition of Goldings hops will provide extra hop aroma if so desired. Better Red than Dead!


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  2. Are You Really Drinking A Craft Beer?

    Are You Really Drinking A Craft Beer?

    First things first, what constitutes a craft beer? Well, it depends on which group/association you adhere to, The Brewers Association or the Craft Brew Alliance. Both make concessions to different breweries, both have differing criteria and it can be tough to know who to listen to. The generally accepted rule for qualifying as a craft beer, is you can’t produce more than 2 million barrels of brew per year, which the Brewers Association recently increased to 6 million barrels. Here are a couple of articles that go much more into detail about these craft beer imposters.

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