1. Amber Lager Recipe

    Kenny Lager is Vienna style with two types of Vienna malt for depth, and a delicate aroma of flowers and spices from Saaz hops. Put on your hood and warm up with an easy drinking, malt forward amber lager.

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  2. Know Your Hops

    Know Your Hops

    Hop Pellets:

    Hop pellets are highly processed hops consisting of finely powdered hop cones compressed into small tablet forms. Even though they look commercialized you can use them in home and commercial brewing applications. One thing hop pellets have going for them is by weight they are 20%-30% stronger than the same type of hop in loose form. These concentrated little pellets are first processed to remove the non-resinous materials in the hops, thus reducing the weight and volume of the hops. Most hop pellets are made form a blend of hops to maintain consistent alpha acid levels.


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