Pro Pilot 15 Gallon Brewing System

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A Homebrew System Built by Brewers for Brewers

Go with what the pro's use and take the guess work out of putting together the best all grain beer brewing system available! This fully loaded complete Single Tier 15 gallon homebrew system package is modeled after the very same system that some of the best breweries and brewers around the world use to create, test and tweak award winning recipes. This homebrew system is capable of producing anywhere from 5 to 20 plus gallon batches in a single run. The Pro Pilot 15 gallon brewing system includes the following components and options:

  • Stainless Steel 15 gallon kettles with triple clad bottoms complete with sanitary clamp fittings, valves and thermometers.

  • High efficiency laser slotted stainless steel false bottom for the mash tun as well as our boil braid hop strainer for the boil kettle.

  • 40 plate stainless steel wort chiller complete with all fittings.

  • On board water filter kit.

  • All necessary lengths of 3/4" FDA Silicone tubing.

  • 2 *Stainless Steel Chugger pumps with our drip proof stainless covers and valve combo.

  • Direct Fired Mash tun burner for step mashing and temp corrections (H.E.R.M.S).

  • 3* 100,000 BTU propane burners plumbed into one adjustable 40 PSI regulator.

  • Sight tube on the hot water kettle.

  • Stainless steel volume measuring tool for calculating kettle volume.

  • Sparge plate lid, maple mash paddle, lockable casters, grain scoop, hand held thermometer and stainless cleaning pad.

  • Check out our FAQ page for answers to frequently asked questions.

All fittings, pipe nipples, ball valves, false bottom and kettles type 316 or 304 Stainless Steel. The collapsible stand is fully TIG welded together and is made with 1" * .065” wall, Stainless steel square tubing. All welds are professional quality, sanitary TIG welds, using the finest Stainless Steel filler rod. All interior and exterior surfaces, where work has been performed, have been de-burred and refinished. The inside of the welded 90' drain fitting elbow, is perfectly smooth, sanitary, making cleanup easy and safe. The top of the keg kettles have been cut out into a 12.25" opening, and the original top of the keg is made into a lid with 3 Stainless tabs that prevent the lid from falling into the kettle. The original Sankey valve has been removed from the lid, and the 1 3/4" hole that remains is used to vent the kettle. A thermometer sits in it perfectly as well. The kettles are made out of gently used kegs, and have minor scratches and wear. There are no dings that affect the volume of the keg, or its strength. The stand is extremely sturdy and rigid, yet breaks into 2 pieces for transportation with just 3 bolts. The swiveling, lockable casters feature 4" rubber wheels and are removable by unthreading the 1/2 stud attached to the caster, from the welded female insert located inside the legs.
Mash tun features a hinged and removable false bottom that sits on the bottom of the keg above the drain. The false bottom is made out of 16 gauge type 304 Perforated Stainless steel. It has a welded Stainless handle, and a hinge that allows it to be folded in half for insertion into the mash tun. The lid features a recirculation/sparging plate that is TIG welded to the bottom of the lid, underneath the opening, to disperse liquid evenly across the surface of the mash. Mash tun also comes with a BLICHMAN BREWMOMETER, and removable insulating jacket to keep temps consistent, and to increase efficiency. The Mash tun is capable of holding at least 35-40 LBS of grain, depending on grind, allowing you to create the biggest brews imaginable.
Hot liquor tank features a 1/2" NPT coupler welded in to the side of the kettle for the supplied BLICHMAN BREWMOMETER. The sight tube is made with FDA approved high heat silicone tubing, and is attached via 2* 1/4"NPT female elbows w/ 1/4" hose barbs, that are welded to the kettle. The drain fitting is welded on the bottom of the kettle, allowing you to drain all of your water out with ease. Comes with lid.

The Boil kettle features one 1/2” NPT coupler drain valve, on the side of the kettle near the bottom.On the inside of the kettle a 90’ elbow threads into the opposite side of the drain coupler, and then the boil braid strainer is then threaded into the elbow, and turned so that it is resting on the bottom of the kettle along the side wall. The boil braid strainer works best with whole hops, but will also work with pellets as well. With casters installed the drain height of the boil kettle is 28" from the ground, making it tall enough to drain into all carboys, and most conical fermenters, without having to siphon.

The BLICHMAN BREWMOMETER features a short 2" probe, a sealed stainless case, and handy reference marks on the dial face indicating key temps such as the protein rest, starch conversion, lauter, dough in, and boil. BLICHMAN also warranty's the thermometer for life.

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